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Peer Pressure Made Me Do It

February 09 2006

Well, more like Carla Price pressure. So, here I am. I guess I'll eventually phase out the xanga. I'm banned from Facebook due to the fact that I can't even remember my Shorter email address, much less how to check it if I did. And back to the Carla Price pressure, she said this was pretty cool, and I do know Nathan Moore, so I think my presence is a bit warranted, if not completely.

Do you know what's worse than breaking up with someone? Not doing it soon enough and then finally breaking up with them. That's worse. Because now you've drawn it out. (Isn't there some country song on the radio right now, first line, "You draw it out like a highway"?) Now there's unravelling and disentangling to do. And cold turkey sucks. (The Lennon version rocks though.)

Oh my gosh!  Is this turning into one of those horribly pathetic blogs where everyone reads and says, "Poor girl, why is she sharing this crap? It's so cliche. So, you broke up with your boyfriend, big deal. It was almost a month ago. Sure, it was 9 months of your life. Big deal. Grow up.Get over it."

Okay, I will. I'm over it. I'm over it. I am so over it. See?