I guess so...

October 26 2006

iv'e been doing some thinking and i came to the conclusion that i should live my life the way i was meant to live it. and not trying to live up to the standards of other people. i kind of caught myself doing that lately and i don't like it. not one bit. Life is way to short to be worrying about what I look like, what my weight or height is, what people think of me, and what....this guy thinks of me. to much worrying. gahlee.

Live life to the Fullest!

Praise God every day for it!

Ben Moser

October 27 2006
life is so much more enjoyable if you stop giving up everything to please other people!

Stacy Freeman

October 27 2006
dang. ive been going through the same thing! like the whole weight thing is hitting me. cause personally i just think being really thin is very pretty. well i hope that it gets better for you. we should really hang out some time. i love you shelbs! call me some time. 4799885.