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i need a chill pill

February 26 2008
So something has to be seriously wrong with me. I'm already stressing about next school year. I'm already worried about failing algebra II honors. The only thing is I know as I hadn't taken it that I would have regretted it. I'm still waiting for the regret of taking it. Sometimes I just wish I could be a stupid person and not care about my grades, but then I wouldn't get anywhere life which is definately not good. At this point in time I plan on relearning everything from eighth grade in algebra I this summer to get ready for algebra II, and I'm most likely going to have my head in a book twenty-four seven next year studying. My friends tried to get my to take regular algebra, but my mom really wanted to take honors. She also said the ultimate decision was up to me, but I just didn't want to let her down. Sometimes it feels like its more stressful coming from a dumb family then a long line of super geniuses because I'm the first person to come along that even has a chance of being something important. So if I mess this up, everyone's going to be really dissapointed. Other times though it seems like my parents don't really care how well I do in school. I mean they do, but I guess it feels like they just assume I'm going to make good grades. Which most of the time I usually do, but when I don't do so well I don't know how to tell them. I just wish I could be smart. I mean I know I'm smart, but I mean really smart so I wouldn't have to worry about my grades, but unfortunately I'm not so I have to turn to writing about on here which you guys probably really don't care. So yeah, how has your day been?

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February 27 2008
i don't want to make this worse, but i can not believe you took it. i think that's crazy. you could not pay me enough to take a class with ms manley as the teacher.