Relationship Status



January 26 2008

I went to my first meeting for People to People today. It was three hours long and I was extremely hungry, so I thought it was never going to end. I had Keri by my side, and I met some potentially cool people, so it wasn't all that bad. I'm even more excited about going to Europe than I was. There is a total of 46 people going. 46! That's a whole lot of people. Keri and I thought we were going to be the only freshman, but we are the only two people from Dickson. Yay, go us! My mom told me that I couldn't spend my whole time talking to Keri though because I need to make new friends. But I can do both at once. There are some really tall people in our group. I felt really short. Everyone seems pretty nice so far, so that's good. So my day was pretty good, how about all of your's?

Jacob Wuertz

January 27 2008
i'm goin to china with the international youth leadership forum this summer


January 28 2008
Sounds fun. I got invited to go to China also, but Europe's more my thing. lol