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How much do you know?

January 16 2008

How much do you really know about me? Whether you are my good friend are not, how much have you picked up about me from my thoughts? My best friends probably know a lot of these things (or should).


1. I am terribly afraid of the dark. And even though I can't sleep very well with noise and light, and can't sleep at all without it. I can sleep pretty much anywhere but my own house without light. I actually can't sleep anywhere else with light. I still take a running jump onto my bed because I'm always afraid something is in the hallway or underneath my bed.


2. The exception for the above is that movies put my right to sleep. I don't really know why, but that's just how it is.


3. I love to read. I love love love love it and books.


4. My favorite food is chicken. Any kind. Baked, fried, parmesean, soup, strips, nuggets. You name it, and I probably love it. My favorite fruit though is watermelon. I've even eaten a whole watermelon by myself. I didn't feel to well though.


5. I cheered for six years, and I tried out both years for the middle school, but sadly didn't make it. I didn't cheer because my made me. I absolutely love it, but I'm hesitant about trying out for school this year because I'm more into competitive cheerleading, and you just don't get that at our school. I wish they did compete.


6. I love being in, taking, and looking at pictures. Photography is my thing.


7. In third grade, my house blew up from a gas explosion. Ironically, at the time, I wasn't worried about my house. I was worried about all my pageant and cheerleading trophies. Shady, I know.


8. When I was little I was the pageant queen of the family. I have tons of trophies from pageants. (I also have lots of cheerleading and random ones.) I actually have two trophies almost as tall as me.


9. My blonde/gray/white streak is natural. If you know me well, then you know I don't like it to be mentioned very often. The color actually goes onto the side of my forehead.


10. Of course, if you are my friend you should know my birthday - March 8th.


11. Even though it's dorky, I love Disney Channel.


12. I'm really not as shy as people think. Most of the time, if I don't talk I'm either embarresed, don't like you, or am very mad.


13. When I'm mad or sad or embarresed, I look down and cross my arms. If I have my necklace on, I play with it.


14. Sadly, I've never had a boyfriend, but right now that really doesn't bother me.


15. I love stuffed animals, and I have tons of them in my room.


16. My hair is NOT naturally straight or soft. It gets that way from an hour of straightening every day. Sometimes, it's still not straight enough to wear down. That's why my hair is usually in a pony tail. My hair is actually really wavy when it dries.


17. I love traveling, and I plan to travel my whole life. I've been to about the same amount of countries outside of ours as I've been to states.


18. I wear my heart on my sleave and take everything literally and personally.


19. I hate anything with a gritty or squishy texture. I get sick to my stomach by just having ketchup on my hand and having to wipe it off.


20. I didn't learn how to swim until I was about nine.


21. Even though I don't think I'm very pretty at time, I'm obsessed with mirrors. I can't walk past a mirror without looking into it.


22. I'm extremely self-concious about my hands and nose.


23. Even if really good at something or I know the answer to a question I won't say I am or do because I don't want people to think I'm a know-it-all. I couldn't stand people saying I was smart or talented in elementary school.


24. Although I act like I'm embarresed when teachers pick on me, I really love the attention. I often change how I act to fit into the mold that people think I am.


How many things did you know about me? Did you know any of them? What are some things you think your best friends should know about you? You may be surprised to know just how many facts people don't know about you.