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school blues

January 08 2008

So today was a half-and-half day back to school. Two of my classes are really good, and the other two aren't bad, but I don't really have a lot of friends in them. One class only has 18 people, and there's like only freaky people and popular people. Then me. So all the popular people sat in this circle around me, so I just kind of sat there not talking while they had their little conversations. And one of my classes has a lot of my friends in it, but I don't get to sit near them. I really hate alphabetically order seating. Unless of course you have a friends near your name, then it's cool. But otherwise it's not very fun. I know the people I'm sitting by, and they're nice and all, but we just don't have much in common. I wish we could just sit were ever we wanted to. I also thought lunch was going to be fun, because I had a lot of my friends in there, and I thought we could all sit toether like last year, but they obviously don't like me anymore because I'm a loser. So I guess I'll just sit in the front of the cafeteria with my three friends and eat lunch with a bunch of weird people. (A lot of weird people sit in the front dining room.) But oh well, I guess today wasn't all that bad. My classes are pretty easy this time, so maybe I'll actually get to read this semester. Well, I read a lot last semester, but then I never had my homework done. So yeah. How was all you kids day today?


Oh and P.S.: I get my braces off in two months - right at my birthday. Which I'm so excited about both. Well if I get my braces off and if people come to my birthday party. Which people seem not like me anymore, so I don't know how many people will be at my birthday party this year. But yeah, I'm still excited because I'm turning fifteen. Yay! I get my permit! Although I'm thinking if nobody wants to come celebrate my day with me, then I'll just pamper myself by going to the spa that's five minutes from my house. So I'm finally done, and if you have read all this, good for you! ;-)