Relationship Status



January 03 2008

2008: In The Beginning

Where did you bring in the New Year?: my house

Who were you with? keri, my mom, dad, and sister

Did you kiss anyone at midnight?: sadly no

Did you make any resolutions?: yes, i did


2007: Your Love Life

Did you break up with anyone?: no, i didn't even have anyone to break up with

Did you get anything for Valentines day?: well, i got candy and a prett necklace from my mom, but she's not included in this section

Did you meet anyone special?: totally, tons of people

Did you fall in love?: no

2007: Friends and Enemies

Did you meet any new friends last year?: yes, totally

Did any of your friendships end?: almost, but in the end things worked out, and things are better than ever which i'm totally happy about

Did you make any new enemies?: no, i don't think so

Who was your closest friend?: Carmen or Keri

Who did you grow apart from?: shauna and sam

Do you have any regrets when it comes to your friendships?: nope


How old did you turn?: 14

Did you have a cake?: well cupcakes that was shaped like a duckasourous. lol

What did you do for your birthday?: sleepover with all my coolest friends

Did you get any presents?: awesome presents

Your favorite gift: money

2007: All about YOU

Did you change at all last year?: tons

Did you dye your hair?: no

Did you get your hair cut?: lots

Did you change your style? not really

Were you in school?: ug, yes, but that's where i made my two besties: carmen and keri

Did you get good grades?: All A's baby!

Did you have a job?: nope

Did you drive? no...sadly

Did you own a car?: no...sadly

Did anyone close to you give birth?: no

Did you move at all?: nope

Did you go on any vacations?: yeah...and Austrlia!

Did you leave the country at all?: yes...Australia was the best!

Would you change anything about yourself now?: kind of

2007: Wrap Up.

Was 2007 a good year?: the greatest

Did 2007 bring any new insights?: lots

Do you think 2008 will top 2007?:absolutely! Europe and new friends!

Do you have any goals for 2008?: have more confidence and be more outgoing. Oh, and make the dance team!

If you could relive any moment which would you choose?: talking to Brandon at the Hard Rock Cafe in Australia. definitely!