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So Glad!!!

December 18 2007
Finals are almost over and Christmas is almost here! Yes, finally! I have one more final tomorrow. I've already taken an oral final in one of my classes by remembering the bones and my other class will be really easy. I got an 89 on my geometry final and I thought the final in English was one of the easiest tests I've taken all year in there. I'm just glad geometry and English are over finally. It's been really awful, but semester I have really easy classes so it's all cool. I'm pretty much happy with grades. I guess I could have done better in geometry. (Carmen, Keri, Gen, don't say anything.) I got an 87 (I was really upset yesterday because  I can't remember the last time I made a B, and I've especially never made ANYTHING in the eighties. I'm not that upset anymore, but yeah.) for the 4th period thing, and I have no idea how. I think Ms. Post messed my grade up, but I still have an A for the year so it's all good. I want to tell you guys Merry Christmas if I don't post before than. So have a great Christmas!