Relationship Status



November 25 2007

EIGHT Last's:

1. Last drink: water

3. Last phone call: keri

4. Last text message: keri

5. Last CD played: somtething of my mom's

6. Last bubble bath: when i was sick.

7. Last time you cried: the other day

8. Last meal: like 5 minutes ago

Have You’s:

1. Have you ever dated someone twice? nome

2. Have you ever been cheated on?no considering i've never had a boyfriend

4. Have you ever kissed someone & regretted it? i've never kissed anyone

5. Have you ever lost someone? yeah

6. Have you ever been depressed? yes

7. Have you ever been drunk and thrown up? um, no, can't say i have

Name SIX things you did in the past three days:

1. ate

2. went shopping

3. danced

4. watched TV

5. went to the parade

6. Homework

List FIVE people you can tell pretty much anything to

1. Keri

2. Carmen 

3. My mom (eventually) 

4. Tiffany

5. Blaize

List THREE favorite colors

1. Green

2. Blue

3. Purple

List TWO things you want to do before you die

1. find love

2. be in a broadway show


Been to school - sadly, yes 

Made a new friend - tons

Fallen out of love - i guess, sorta. it wasn't really love, more like lust.

Done something you swore never to do- yes

Laughed until you cried - Totally

Went behind your friends back - sadly, yes.

Met someone who changed your life - yes

Gotten close to someone - Oh, yes!

 Found out who your true friends are- yeah, i guess

Do you have a crush? no sounds so...

6. Who is the best hugger that you know? Milby

7. Do you believe in love at first sight? no

8. Is there something you want to tell someone? Oh, yes!

9. What brand of shirt are you wearing? don't know

10. Would you kiss anyone on your top friends? no

11. Do you have “A thing” for anyone on your top friends? no

12. How many people on your top friends? don't know

13. How many kids do you want to have? 2

Do you have a good relationship with your parents? my mom 15. Do you wanna change your name? i guess

16. What did you do for your last birthday? sleepover

17. What time did you wake up today? 9:00

What were you doing at midnight last night? reading

19. Name something you CANNOT wait to do: go to Europe

20. Last time you saw your dad? like 5 minutes ago

21. What is one thing you wish you could change about yourself? not care what people think

 22. Which hand do you like better? right

 23. What are you listening to right now? the TV

 24. Have you ever talked to Tom? nome

25. Have you ever donated money to a good cause? yes

26. Have you ever talked about someone behind their back? yes

27. Least favorite month? August

28. What’s the last piece of clothing you borrowed from anyone? tank top

29. Who’s getting on your nerves right now? don't know

30. Most visited webpage?  phusebox

31. Would you help one of your best friends fight if he/she was losing? YES.  

 32. Coke or Pepsi? neither

 33. What’s the worst day of your life? when my house blew up  34. Have you kissed or been kissed by anyone in the past week? no

 35. Do you disagree with a lot of things going on in the world? yeah

 36. Do you think there’s some models/people out there, that should lose a few pounds? i don't think it's nice to tell people that they need to lose weight.