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November 12 2007

Ok. I officially can not take this anymore. I hate my hair, and I'm tired of people asking and/or making fun of me because they are obvioulsy colored-blind. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, well then you obvioulsy don't know what I'm talking about. Simple as that. But anyway, I am seriously thinking about dying it completely out, if one more person says something about it. And I had actually gotten to a point were I kind of liked it, but now I hate it even more than ever. It's not unique, pretty, and no one is stinkin' jealous of it. (Mother!) Just today three people have said something about. One in English, one during wellness, and the other during dance. So, NO IT'S NOT GRAY OR WHITE OR PURPLE OR BLUE OR WHATEVER COLOR YOU THINK IT IS. IT'S BLONDE FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!!

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November 13 2007
i think your streak of blonde is awesome!