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fall festival

November 02 2007

So tonight was the Fall Festival/Chili Supper at my sis's school. But before we got there we had to stop because my somebody's dog got ran over. We saw the truck that ran it over leavingj, and they didn't even stop to turn around. How could you just possibly leave a dog there dying. But anyway, so the truck ran over the whole back of the dog. My mom said that if he was hurt to badly that they were just going to put it to sleep. Pray that it's ok. I can't stand seeing an animal suffer.


So back to the fall thing. It's usually kind of boring cause I have to walk around with my sis and mom. But I asked Keri to come this year which I'm totally glad I did. We had so much fun. I know it must have been hard for her because of the whole left out/burns thing, but I think she had a lot of fun. We won a lot of cool new finger puppets from games so we are slowly building her puppet collection back up. Curse you, lucky puppy stealer! Keri name her cheetah frisky and her monkey dingo. I named mine Habeeb the Monkey and CW (Crusty Wizard) the Cheetah. lol. So yeah. We went in the haunted house. It was actually really scary. People kept chasing us, and this one guy followed us through the whole thing. Kind of freaky. I got my toe stepped on and punched in the face from somebody. Keri was absolutely terrified. Ahh! We won a easy button. Me and Keri are going to use it in geometry. Although Ms. Post might get mad, but whatever cause it's fun to push. So yeah, I should probably get to bed cause I have to be at school at 10:30 to clean for Student Council. Blah. At least Keri will be there. Talk to you kids later.