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October 20 2007

So I went to my sister's game tonight. They ended the real season undefeated, and only 2 people have scored against them and those two were only 6 points. The cheerleaders won third place at competition, but they got disqualified because they didn't have backspots for PONY-SITS. But whatever. I'm still proud of my sister. She's becoming the little cheerleader I was. Hopefully she'll make the team though when she is in middle school, unlike me. :-(


I also had my interview for Europe today. For some reason I was a little nervous, unlike last year. Maybe because being an alumni, I have something to live up to, and I don't really feel like I do. I just can't wait till next summer. Me and Keri are going to have so much fun. Yay! I just wish Carmen was coming. And mabye Sydnee. Yeah, deff Syd. She's so much fun and so HILARIOUS! So yeah, I should get some sleep. I didn't get to sleep till like 1 last night. My little sis had a sleepover for her b-day. There was like 7 little kids running around all night. At least it's better than last year. There was like 12 last year. I had my homecoming shirt on, so all the girls were like Megabella come do a build with me, come make up a cheer, show us your dance, blah blah blah. But yeah.