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so fun

September 23 2007

So today I had a meeting for People to People to go to England. I would get to visit England, France, Belgium, and Holland. I really want to see the Warwick Castle, and the Eiffel Tower. I think it would be so much fun. I just wish some of the people who went to Australia would go. Then it would be even more fun. I just miss everyone so much. I really can't wait 'till we have another reunion. I'm pretty sure I'll get to go this year, except this time I'll have to fund raise the money, unlike last time. I don't think raising the money will really be that hard, if I just try. Keri might get to go, which will be totally awesome. Can't wait! Ahh.


Oh yeah, my dad's travelling to Knoxville for work this week so be praying for him.