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oh well

September 08 2007
So the pageant was today. At ten o'clock. I was so tired. I had to get up so early to get my hair done. I didn't win, but it was really fun. I might do it next year. Maybe. I don't know. Everyone's dresses were so pretty. Ugh, three people had the same dress as me. I felt so weird. Everyone had a lot of make-up on, and I had like none. I really hate wearing make-up. It makes me feel so fake. Besides I don't need. I'm just so pretty with out it. Ha, I wish! So, yeah. It was a fun day. Can't wait 'till next year...maybe. lol

♥ eyes...♥

September 08 2007
i hate makeup too!!!! ugh i really didn't want to wear any today but my mom said my face was uneven (what that means, i don't know.) but i was like, "Mom i'm pretty without makeup and that's specialer than being a fake robot!!!!"