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Homework and Tea

August 02 2007

You know what's even worse than summer having to end and you having to go back to school? Having homework on the second day back. I mean it wasn't hard at all. It's just the prinicple. I really hate homework. That means I have to take books home. I know. That's so horrible. But still. I guess it could be worse though. Although I'm pretty sure I failed my first test in geometry today. I can't do anything mathematical without a calculator. It's really kind of sad. Ever since sixth grade I haven't been able to do anything in my head. I don't even remember all my multipication facts and how to divide correctly. I'm really afraid I'm going to fail. Well I'm pretty sure I won't fail, but I could possibly make a C. Yeah, and you can't get into a good college with a C average. And I can't even quit honors classes because then I still won't be able to get into the college I want. I guess it's a lose-lose sitituation. Oh well, whatever...


On a better note, the funniest thing happened tonight. We were at McDonald's, and my sister and me were getting our drinks. My sister was getting tea, and when she pushed the thing down you push to get the tea to come out, the nozzle came completely off. Tea was gushing everywhere. I almost died laughing. It was so hilarious. They had just refilled the tea thing befor we got there so it was completely full. The girl that was working there that was trying to fix it got completely soaked. I think my sister felt bad. I would be mortified if it had been me, but since it wasn't I guess I can laugh about it.


"Make the honey." - Keri, Carmen, and Megan

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August 02 2007
HAHAHAHA!!! i've always wanted to see that happen to someone...i would die laughing. get the pollen...get the nectar.........MAKE THE HONEY!!!!!