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First Day

August 01 2007

So the first day of high school was not as near as bad as I thought it would be. But really the only thing I was worried about was lunch. I got one of my best friends (Keri) in my lunch shift. Only half of my classes I don't have really good friends in. But even then I have casual friends. I think my favorite class this year is going to be journalism. It sounded so fun today when the teacher was talking about it, and I have Keri in that class. I think my favorite teacher is going to be my English teacher. He seems so funny. (Oh yeah, and we do have to read the introduction, guys. How fun!) The only class I'm iffy about is wellness. The health part will be ok. Just not the excercsing part. Although that's good I guess. I need to exercise. We just have to swim. I don't want to swim. The school pool just seems so gross. I even didn't get lost once which is odd because high school is huge, and I got lost a lot in middle school which is tiny compared to high school. But I do have to say, it's really not that confusing, you just have to walk through a lot of doors. I'm surprised the upper classmen weren't all mean and stuff. Although one guy did try to sell us hall passes while we were taking a tour. I was like, "No, I think I'll stay in class."  I'm really glad it's only four classes instead of like six or seven. And only two of my classes actaully require studying time or homework which is really good. I was really shocked that almost hardly anyone changed over the summer. Usually you see dramatic changes. Well I guess that's about it, so yeah...


"You've just been habeebed."

"You've just been habeebed."

♥ eyes...♥

August 01 2007
HABEEBED!! aAAAAHHH!!! *rolling on floor laughin out loud!*

I'm anti-human

August 02 2007