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July 01 2007

It is so much fun here. We stayed on a farm the last few days. It was super cold at night, but it was really fun. I'm taking so many pictures it's not even funny. I've made lots of new friends. My best friends so far are probaly Blaiz and Tiffany. I post picutures when I get home. Oh my goodness, when we were at the farm stay the leaders put a goat into our tent. I was so scared. I also had to milk a cow. It was gross and I'll never do it again. We are going to the Coral Reef tomorrow. We are at the coolest hotel right now. It's like a resort and all outside. I absolutely love it.  I actually have to buy a new suitcase here. The airplane people jacked mine all up. They completely ripped my wheel off so I'm having to drag it right now. The most I'm willing to pay is $300. That's like a third of my spending money.  Well I should go so I'll talk to you guys later. Peace.


Australians Rock My Socks Off!

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July 02 2007
okay the only good thing about austraila is steve irwin...but he's gone. (thanks jacob)