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June 25 2007

So I leave for Australia tomorrow at 11:00. I'm so excited, but I'm really scared because it's a 24 hour flight leaving from L.A. Not including the long flight from Nashville to L.A. I don't know if I'll be able to get any sleep at all. I also hate plains. I would think I would be used to plains after all these years, but nope, I'm still completely scared of them. But I feel a lot better because yesterday after service my pastor called me up to the altor, and everyone prayed that I would have a safe trip. It makes me feel a lot better that all my church, family, and friends are praying for me. I feel kind of bad thought because I have a feeling I might not have that much fun. But I really want to because it cost my family a lot of money. Around $6,000 to be exact. I don't want to let my family down after they paid all that cash. I feel even worse because I'm complaining that I didn't get to go to Washington or camp this year. I know it's really selfish to say that, but I can't help feeling disappointed my sister gets to go to my most favorite camp of all time next week, and I'll be in Australia. Which should make me happy because that's on the other side of the world. But it doesn't. I'm just really glad I'll be leaving tomorrow so maybe I'll get my mind of all this, and have some real fun. I can't wait to go crocidile hunting. I also get to do the zip line and go sand dune  surfing. So I think even though I have worries about not having fun, I will. So everything's good! I won't be back until July 15(It just seem so weird going to another country on the other side of the world for 20 days) so it will be a while before I get back on here and update anything, so talk to you guys later.