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June 22 2007

Some random info about me. It seems all my friends are doing one of these, so I thought I would.

1.Hi my name is....Megan Bell.

2.Never in my life...have I had a boyfriend. Yeah, I know. Sad.

3.The one person who can drive me nuts is...everybody sometimes, I guess.

4.High going to be fun, but really scary at first. Can't wait!

5.When I'm nervous...I feel sick.

6.The last time I cried was...last night, although I cry almost every night. It helps me clear my thoughts.

7.If I were to get marrried right now my wedding party would be...sad because I would be marrying somebody I don't love.

8.My hair is...brown, and right now really pretty because I just got it cut, but I'll probably never be able to fix it like my hair dresser.

9.When I was five...I let my imaginary friend go because I was going to Kindergarten. Yeah, I know imanginary friends are dorky, but I was an only child for four years of my life. I had to have somebody to play with.

10.Last Christmas...I got a cool new video iPod which I hardly ever use anymore.

11.I should be...pretty and loved by everyone. ;-)

12.When I look know I'm self-concisous.

13.The craziest recent event was...I don't really know. I haven't done much fun stuff since I've been out of school. So probably fitting five people in a picture booth at the mall on a birthday trip.

14.If I was a character on Friends I'd be...Phoebe. I'm really random like her. But the stuff she says and does really does make sense if you think about it.

15.By this time next year...I will be in high school, a world-class traveler, have my driver's permit, and hopefully my first boyfriend.

16.My current gripe is...I'm really bored, and I can't drive yet so I can't spend my time shopping which I will do once I get my license. So once I turn 16, I'll spend most of my time at the mall shopping.

17.I've looked on everyone's and there doesn't seem to be 17, so...on to 18.

18.There's this girl I know...who's really cool. People just don't give her a chance.

19.You know I like you...if there is a picture of you on my camera.

20.If I won an award the first person I would tell would mom.

21.Take my things you want to do. Because if not you'll regret not doing them and you'll feel like kicking yourself, and you'll want a time machine to fix things...

22.My most wanted item is...a new cell phone. Mine stinks.

23.If you visited the place I was'd be most likely be where you are right now.

24.I plan to more outgoing.

25.If you spent the night at my'd have to be my sister's best friend and my honorary step sister Abby, because otherwise I wouldn't let you see my family.

26.I'd stop my wedding if...I found out that my groom or me hand second thoughts.

27.The world could do without...misunderstandings.

28.I'd rather lick the belly of a cockroach...than run outside naked.

29.The most recent thing I've bought ticket.

30.Most recent thing someone else bought for me...was a hair cut.

31.My favorite blonde...doesen't care about me.

32.My favorite brunette...besides myself, is Keri.

33.My favorite red head is...I don't know to many red heads to have a favorite.

34.My middle name is...Lynn, and I hate it because I say it with a very bad country accent.

35.This morning...I read a book.

36.The animal I would most like to see fly besides birds...are penguins. It's just not fair they are birds, but can't fly.

37.Once, at a bar...I didn't do anything because I've never been to one and never plan because alcoholic beverages are stupid.

38.Last night...I cried because I never do things I want to do.

39.There's this guy I know who...I'm trying to forget about and not like anymore.

40.I don't know why...I such a dork and why I have to mess things up so much.

41.A better name for me would be...Loser face.

42.Tomorrow...I'm going to be sitting at home and probably reading yet another book. I've read 12 books, each a minimum of 300 words, since we've been out of school.

43.My birthday is...March 8, and of no importnance to anyone but myself. I've once even forget it was my birthday.

44.What I really want for Valentine's a valentine for once.

45.I'm allergic to...something, but I don't know what it is. I had an allergic reaction once, and we didn't know what was going on so my mom took me to the emergency room. They said they could do one of those tests where the poke you with common allergents, but I'm afraid of needles so I said no way.

I'm anti-human

June 23 2007
Oh ya, fav brunette!!!!!! Meg, you are most definatly in the top 3 of my fav brunettes, and you may even be #1. It all depends on wheather Jesus was brunette, i think he was, but do we really know???? *creepy mystical music plays*