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June 19 2007

So as the title mentioned, I'm actually truly happy, since school got out. I'm not THAT worried anymore about high school anymore. I'm actually a little looking forward to it. Except maybe getting lost, having no idea where my friends are, and not knowing if I'll have anybody to eat lunch with. Oh well, I'm hopefull things will work out. It also seems things are getting better on the friend side of things. Which I'm EXTREMELY happy about. I thought I was going to lose one of my best friends. I just hope things continue to move forward. I've started to read again. Maybe that's why I'm so happy. I always do seem to be in a better mood when I read. I just love to read. Well anyway, the thing I'm most happy about is...I'm leaving for Australia in like exactly a week. Yay!!! I'm actually happy I'm going to the orthodontist tomorrow. Although I've kind of always liked going. I like getting new colors and stuff, but I also can't wait till' this fall to get my braces off. I can hardly remember what my smile looks like with out braces. Although I guess I'm one of the lucky ones who actually look OK in braces. Well I guess I better be going. Tootles.

P.S. I'm extremely happy! Which is so awesome!!! ;)


~Sunshine is Free~ (From a shirt)