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Picture Suggestions

June 16 2007
So for the Australia trip I'm leaving for in a little over a week, I have to take a picture album of about 20 pictures to show the host family I'll be staying with for three days. I need some ideas of what to take pictures of to put in my album. Of course I'll have pictures of my family, friends, and pet. But no offense guys, you can only have to many pictures of yall'. Not that yall' aren't great, but I need more pictures to show my whole life. I was thinking like my church, school, and dance studio would be good ideas. And maybe some of the places we hand out at. So what do yall' think would be good ideas?

I'm anti-human

June 17 2007
Do one of the Roxy, your house(duh), maybe the middle & high schools. Do lyolu have a copy of that pic with all of us cramed on the bleachers? that one and the one of you, me, and carmen in Ms. Murrell's room. those would be good.