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Summer Syndrome

June 12 2007
Have you ever felt like as soon as summer hits your whole active/non-active schedule is thrown off balance? Like, you can sit in school all day and not be that bored, but when you're at home for more than five minutes you go crazy wanting to do something. Anything at all. And you CAN'T sleep! No matter how hard you try you keep getting up to check your e-mails or instant message. Even when you know everyone else has been alseep long ago. (Except not really. Well at least not my friends anyway.) This is also probably the reason a lot of us sleep until noon during the summer. You also can never get full. I'm always hungry and looking for something to eat. And why does it seem like there is never anything to watch on TV during the day? (Well, it might be that I still watch Disney Channel. So it's mainly kid shows that I don't want to watch. Don't they realize there are bored kids out there that are above the age of five looking for something to watch?) Well maybe it's just me, but it always seems to be the same way every summer. I'm just glad this summer I get to be doing something totally fun that lasts more than two weeks. (Australia, here I come! I can't wait. It's going to be so much fun!)