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May 26 2007

I'm so nervous about recital tonight. I feel really bad because nobody's coming to see me but my family. But I guess that's because I didn't tell anybody. But I don't think anybody would come even if they knew about it because I'm never able to go to anybody else's stuff. I'm so scared I'm going to mess up, and I'll look stupid. I'm really mad because hardly anybody in my class this year even cares about dance. Half of the people haven't even been through the whole dance once without stopping to talk or answer their cell phone. I feel really bad for them because I don't want anybody to forget something and mess up. Oh well, hopefully everything goes as planned. Maybe. I hope.

--------------------------------------Rectial was...OK. I think I messed up a couple of times though, but who doesn't right? I'm just glad we didn't have to use the dressing back stage this year. It's always so crowed. I hope I make dance team so I can do production and have more than one costume. And then my costumes will actually be cute, and not ugly ones.