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Sounds Game and Algebra Field Trip

May 18 2007

Oh, my goodness. I've had so much fun these past 24 hours. Last night at the Sounds game was awesome. (If you get honor roll or perfect attendance, you get to get to go to a Sounds game, but nobody really watched the game. We just socialize for about 5 hours.) Well, anyway it was so much fun.We saw this license plate that said hacker on it. Being the nerds we are, we thought computer hackers first. Everybody was thinking hackers, like chopping stuff off. So being the even bigger nerds we are we thought about hackers who track your info, and then come and hack you. Hacker squared. Carmen and I wanted to find Joseph and Austin. We thought the would be in the ice cream parlor, and they were. Then we wanted to find them again. We thought the would be at the kids juming thing, and once again they were. Austin and his friend Jacob (who has the most bubbly eyes I've ever seen in my life) got in trouble because they were wrestling in the jumping thing. All of their friends left except Joseph. He was looking around for them for a few minutes. He was walking out and he was like were are my friends. He saw me and was like, oh here she is. Then he patted me on the back [ ;) ], but sadly he said he had to go. We did other stuff too last night that didn't invovle guys, if you're wondering. Everytime we saw people with alcoholic beverages (which was about every person old enought to drink) we would scream. (I have a very bad fear of that very bad stuff. I hate it. Just to let you know drinking, smoking, and cursing, are my biggest pet peeves.) Also everytime we saw couples hugging or kissing, we would be like Leave Room for Jesus! When we loaded back on the bus, these seventh grade kiddlings were waving at us, so we started waving and blowing kissed back. It was so funny. Ms. Crossman was like they probally think they are picking up pretty, eigth grade girls.

Now for today. We went on our algebra field trip today, which was awesome. When we were going to Percy Warner Park all these popular guys were talking to us. I felt really important. And two of those guys happened to be Austin and Joseph. We were just...I don't really know what we were doing, but it was hilarious. Guys are so weird when they are together. They talk about stuff I'd rather not say aloud. I never knew that they actually acted like that. We took some awesome pics at the park. There is all these trees and creek and stuff that is so pretty. We've all agreed we are coming back to take our senior and wedding pictures there. Yes, I want to get my wedding pictures taken in a creek. It is rather Tennesseeish, but it would be so pretty. I plan on putting those pictures we took on here, but I can't do it right now. Then we got to eat with all the guys at Shoguns. While we were waiting for it to open was one of the best moments of my life. We got so much attention from the guys. It was great. Well while were eating Joseph looked at me a couple of times and smiled. It was so cool how the cook did all the fire stuff. I have some pics of that I'll put on here too. We got fortune cookies, and mine said Good things will come your way in due time. (What do you think that means. I know what I want it to mean.) When we were going back to school, Austin and Joseph listened to my iPod. I'm never losing those earphones. ;) Well,Carmen wrote this note to Austin:

Carmen: Hey Kid, Why aren't you going to prom? Just asking. Carmen.

Austin: Huh? Cause it's boring.

Carmen: K...sorry.

Austin: Huh.

Carmen: I said I'm sorry you think it's boring. You're missing out in my opinion. I know someone that wants to go w/Joseph.

Austin: (Spoken) Who?

Carmen: I can't she can't go...but it's Megan.

Me: (Embarressad.)

I don't know if this is a good think or not. He said he alread knew that. But that's bad right. I mean if he knew, and he liked me, well... But he still talks to me, so that's good right? I don't know, but I can't wait till' Monday. Carmen and I are supposed to be taking Austin and Joseph to eat on the Writing Assessment field trip. But I don't think he'll because he probally thinks I'm weird and some kind of stalker or something.


May 19 2007
did you go Friday or Thursday night??


May 19 2007
* to the sounds game i mean *

I'm anti-human

May 19 2007
It was Thursday. I felt like a 5th wheel.