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Too Much Drama

May 10 2007

There is way to much drama at school right now, especially being the end of the year. I don't want to go to high school, but I also wish everyone could be friends. I'm really sad we only have two weeks left of school. I really like my hall this year. I have a lot of great friends, and I don't want to lose them next year just because we don't have any classes together. (All of you, and you know who you are, we have to get together all summer. We also have to stay friends throughout high school no matter what. I don't want to lose you guys.)

I'm so stressed about school even though it's like almost over. I'm scared about science and our stupid roller coaster. And literature. Our story thing is a pretty good idea, but our class hasn't even gotten to get into our groups yet. I don't quite know who's in my group either, but Meghan told me it's Joseph, her, me and I forgot the last person. But I get to work with Joseph!!! I'm so excited!!! I was probally like the only person who wanted to work on our story today. Oh well, we'll probally work on it tomorrow. I hope. I really do hope. ;)

♥ eyes...♥

May 10 2007
i'm dreading school tomorrow

At the Crossroads of Life

May 10 2007
Hey girl! Have no fear! You'll get through class. AND we will all be friends through highschool and that's a promise... =)