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If You Really Knew Me

May 08 2007

I was watching Oprah (yeah I know) one day and they were doing this thing were they were trying to get everyone to be friends and do away with cliques. One of the activities they did was that they got in small groups and had to go around and say if you really knew me you would know...

Well here's some for me:

1.If you really knew me, you'd know that I really do have a lot of confidence. I'm just to shy to show it and I don't know how.

2. I have family problems.

3. I actually do want to be popular.

4. I put up a barrier of niceness.

5. I wish I could just sleep through everything.

6. I want to build a time machine and do things differently for about everything in my life. (Not just with guys, Carmen.)

7. I care too much about what people think.

8. I'm embarrassed by my family.

9. I want to lose about 20 pounds.

10. I think about what my friends think of me.

11. I'm jealous of all my friends.

12. I want to be a news anchor.

13. I'm not really as smart as people think I am.

14. I like a guy who will never like me back.

15. I'm obbessive about lots of things.

At the Crossroads of Life

May 08 2007
Wow, I actually knew all of that, but some of those things aren't really true.... talk to me at school tomorrow, and I'll explain... =)

I'm anti-human

May 08 2007
Im gonna write one of these

♥ eyes...♥

May 10 2007
me tizoo