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Book Fair

May 07 2007

Hi guys. I had a lot of fun working the book fair today. It was so much more fun then doing school work. I'm glad I get to do it all week to. I can't wait till' family night. We are going to sell coffee possibly. I also have this sign I'm going to wear all week. I know I'll probally look like a dork, but it's fun to do that sometimes. I also get to make a pick of the day video for one of my fave books, Pictures of Hollis Woods. It's really good. You guys should read it. Today was a day were I was rolling the whole day. Keri and I was walking around the book fair, seeing if anybody needed help. Austin Marlow told us that he was going to buy this cook book. Keri asked him if he could even cook. He told us that he could make brownies and cake... and his list ended there. Although he told us he could make anything we could think of. Right. ;) He also said he could play piano. ;) (Carmen, yall' have to play together in the talent show. Please.)

Oh yeah, what would you guys do if an old, freaky man contacted you. Just wondering.

At the Crossroads of Life

May 07 2007
uhmm, if an old freaky man contacted me on an accident, I might understand, but if he knew who you were, I'd freak out and tell him not to talk to me again....EVER... anyway, I'd look like a dork with ya if ya want...

♥ eyes...♥

May 08 2007
carmen likes austin marlow and...she told him!