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Awesome Weekend (Thanks to my awesome friends)

May 05 2007

Keri's birthday party was so much fun. Batey, Carmen, Erin, Gen, Camino, and me was there. We were so goofy. We all went and watched Spider Man 3. It was so awesome. The graphics and sound was really good. It was one of the most emotional rollercoaster movies I've watched in a while. Everybody needs to see it. There were a lot of people there last night. We had to wait in this big ol' line. It was crazy. When we got back to Keri's we watched The Day After Tomorrow. I like the movie, but it's kind of weird and freaky. When my parents watched when it came out a long time ago I couldn't watch it. After the movie we talked for like three hours on so many topics it's not even funny. But our main topic was boys. Mainly the hot blonde twin. ;)

This morning when we woke up I wasn't really that tired. I'm still not really. I'm tired hyper. We all got ready to go to the parade which was a bust. It was so boring and so hot. But me and Batey got these really cute bags. They have like a bikini design on them. They are so cute. All of us also got these finger puppets. We all need to bring ours Monday. ;) While we standing there was this girl in a wheel chair, and she like grabbed onto my shirt really tight and wouldn't let go. I didn't want to make her family feel bad, but I was really scared. I didn't know what to do. They had to like pry her off of me. It was really weird. We went to Batey's mom's classroom to cool off. It was pretty fun, and we got to meet the guy she is going to ask to prom. (Which she should be doing right about now. Good luck, Batey!!!)  Carmen and I looked for the blonde twins, but we didn't find them. :( Oh well, I can't wait for Monday. Supposedly Camino has this plan that's going to get them to talk to us. I hope it all goes well. Well I should go. I need to finish my homework for tomorrow's People to People meeting. :( I hate it!!!

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May 05 2007
do you really think he does? i don't know but i'm starting to believe it