Relationship Status


Doing Allright...I Guess

April 30 2007

Right now I'm sick of Algebra. Actually it wasn't that bad preparing for Gateway today. I got to be with all my best friends. I know Carmen's happy. ;) And that was really embarrising. No ofense Carmen, but you talk REALLY loud. Sunrise was just looing at us like we were retarded or something. But I guess we are. I'm still a little worried about the test tomorrow, but I did pretty good on the practice test today. I only missed six, and that's better than the highest score you can get. Go me!!! Right now I'm really stressed out about science fair. All I really have to do is put it on the board. But I still need to find another leftie to help me with my project. (Carmen would you like to assist me with using your little friend who just so happens to be a leftie?) Nothing really extrodinary happened today, well except at lunch but that's another story. (And yes Carmen you do stare a lot. ;))

While my sister was at dance we went to the Lighthouse book store. I got this pretty cool book. It's about finding out who you really are with God in mind. There's all these questions that make you think about how you really feel about things. One of the questions was to write three things you really don't like about yourself. My top one is that I don't like how I'm always concerned about what people think. Like if people are really my friends and stuff. I'm always constantly frustrated that no guy likes my. I mean obviously some guy somewhere likes me. Right? Right now I wish this one guy would like me, but he never will. (Carmen, don't say anything.) Oh well, I should be going so I write back later.