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Field Day

April 27 2007

Today we had Field Day. I don't know if we won or not. Ms. Murrell said we were winning, but this afternoon, my friend Catie on the Maroon Team said that their hall won. I hope they didn't win,so then we can spend a half day outside so we can talk to our friends and listen to our iPods. No one really payed attention to the outside sports. Everyone just talks to their friends. I payed a little attention to the baseball game. I saw Joseph make a home run. It made me really happy. He's so cute, but he'll never like me. He's too popular to like somebody like me.Ms.Murrell told Austin and Bradley that we wanted their autographs.

I can't wait till' next week. We are starting writing club back up next week. I'm so excited. I haven't got to see Ms.Redden that much this nine weeks. It will be fun to hang out with her again. We get to work the book fair too. That will be fun. I'm asuming we scratched the idea about the magazine because we really don't have time to make one. Oh well. I only sumbitted one poem, and it wasn't even that good.

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April 27 2007
Austin was good! he autographed my hand!! lol yes we did win

I'm anti-human

April 27 2007
ya, we won moron team dosn't know what there talking about. GRAY, GRAY, GRAY!!!! MAROON AND WHITE ARE GAY!!!!!!!!! (burn)