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Crazy Day...Again

April 26 2007

Today was weird because we had different classes because of the play cuts. They were really funny. Keri, if you are reading this, you did awesome!!! I plan on going to the play tomorrow night. My mom's sick today so we can't go tonight. Ahh...I can't wait till' I get my new phone. I hate the one I have now. It's so STUPID. Tomorrow's our field day. I'm not playing anything. I'm just going to be a spectator. But I look forward to talking to my friends and no school work (and getting sunburned ;).) This week was a reall bad week for Spirit Week. I'm going to try to work around Clash Day and wearing something that I won't get hot in tomorrow. I'll probally wear stuff and then ask Ms. Murrell to change out of all of it.

It seems like everyones worrying about guys lately. I really like this one guy. He's nice, but he popular so he'll never like me. Oh well. I don't need to worry about that stuff right now. I need to be worrying about my science fair project. It really stinks that only the advanced classes have to do it. I guess that's what I get for being brilliant. ;) Oh well, my project pretty easy to do so that's good.

Well I should be going so I'll talk to you guys later.

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April 26 2007
carmen luvs sos....giggle snicker