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Today was a lot Better

April 20 2007
Today was a whole lot better than yesterday. I wasn't all depressed. We did have a talk about my entry yesterday. Carmen and Keri was like why does it even matter what popular people think. I really don't know. I don't want to worry about what people think about me, but I do. All the time. I just get so frustrated if everyone doesn't like me. Which I guess no one will ever like everyone, but it's doesn't hurt to try does it?  Then this girl Kristen was like no one makes fun of you Megan. But they do. No one seems to understand that. And it's not just teasing. It's really cruel stuff that would make even the strongest person cry. If I could have a super power it would be immunity to people's cruelness. We got to help with the play today in literature. (Our literature teacher is the drama director.) Sarah and I got to go to Miss Moore's room to get paint. We got to "drive" the steering wheel. People gave us some pretty weird looks. (Sorry. That's another worry about what people think.) When we were dissmissed to put our stuff in our lockers, I went to Synee's locker with her. When we got outside they told us that Miss Redden wanted to see us. She told us that she told us to wait outside the auditorium. She told us that we need to listen better. I almost started crying. I hate when teachers yell at me. (Not that they do a lot or anything.) I feel so stupid and bad. I don't think Miss Redden likes me. I thought she used to, but now I don't know. It always seems that all my teachers hate me. (Sorry.)  I think Sydnee thinks that I like Joseph. She's always like because you like Joseph. I mean he's cute and all, but he would never like somebody like me. I mean he's always giving me these weird looks. I don't know. Well how was yall's day. Let me know. Tootles.