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Today Was...OK

April 19 2007

Today started out OK. After finishing TCAP (for the last time in my life, thank you) we went outside to play the quiet ball game. (My friends didn't. We talked.) We made a star with out feet,and Ms.Murrel took a picuture. We talked about music and listened to our iPods. I tryed flying. It didn't work.

My day got bad in music. It was good at first because Keri and me were looking at her book, Peeps. I was reading the weird parts in it. Then this obnoxious guy Joe (may I add he's popular) threw his pencil over near us. When he bent down to pick it up he put his butt on me and farted. It was really embarrising. All his friends were laughing at us. He did it to Keri next and then back to me. He even sat on me. Everyone was saying that it was really mean, but they weren't doing anything about it. Sometimes I feel like trading all my good friends in so I can be popular so nobody would make fun of me. And yes I do get made fun of a lot. And then I get even more embarresed because I start to cry. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I just can't handle it anymore. I can't wait till' high school so I don't have to deal with those people.

♥ eyes...♥

April 19 2007
didn't we already talk about the popular situation already? DONT WORRY ABOUT JOE!!! HE IS A FLIPPIN IDIOT! (for lack of a..."better" word) lol


April 19 2007
ya i am with Carmen...being "popular" is just a way people try to get looked at b/c their not cool enough to be themselfs! :P And again i am with Carmen... FORGET the ( Joe ) kid..... He is stupid!! BLAH guys can be such a pain sometimes!!!! I hope things get better..... *** And i get made fun of all the time too..... i see it as i am making people laugh and thats better then making them cry.... * even though they are laughing at me :( lol but anyways...i am praying for you!!

I'm anti-human

April 20 2007
I don't give a crap that Joe farted in my face........................i don't need him and his gay friends to think im cool.............i couldn't smell it anyway :0 )