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My Weekend

April 14 2007

My mom and me went to the movies today and saw Disturbia. It was really good, but it was one of those movies were you don't know what's around the next corner. After the movies, we went to Goody's to and got my dressy day outfit for spirit week. It's really cute. I can't wait to wear it. We also got my prom dress. I like it, but I just wish it wasn't some cheap $90 dress that I got from Goody's that probally 10 other people will have. I really want to go to prom, but I'm really nervous. I've haven't went to one dance all year and I'm afriad I won't know what to do. I just hope my friends come. I'm going to call Sam and see if I can get ready at her house. So did yall have a good Saturday. I did. ;) Well I got to go and practice my presentation for tomorrow's People to People meeting.

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April 14 2007
i don't know if i'm going to prom...maybe if i go with someone. but, right now, no offers!


April 14 2007
my brother and his friend went and saw it lastnight...they said it was good!! :) i hope you have fun at prom!!