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On a Happier Note...

April 12 2007
Today's lunch was really fun. Carmen was spinning her tortilla thing in from her lunch and it went flying across the table. I was eating when she did it and when I started laughing I also started choking. I couldn't breathe for like 30 seconds. Then she was flicking pineapples at people. One hit this popular girl and she was looking around to see where it came from. Another one fell right in the middle of this guy's plate. I also noticed today how boring the popular people lunches are. All they do is sit there and eat. I would hate to sit there. I would go crazy. I laugh at least half of my lunch with my friends. When we were walking back me and Keri were talking. I hit her with my lunchbox. She started screaming. Mr. Cochran (our social studies teacher) was like ladies. Keri told him that I had hit her and he just told her that I would never do something like that. That's what you get for talking to Carmen all through class, Keri. Then when we got back in the classroom, Keri started chasing me around the room. Got to go. My mom just got here with the pizza. Write tomorrow. ;)

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April 12 2007
THAT'S HILARIOUS!!! hahaha. Ha joe was like "What the heck!"