Relationship Status


Going Crazy

April 12 2007

I'm seriously going crazy right now. I just can't handle my dad. I don't think he means to, but he constanly makes my feel bad. He'll tell me to do something and go right in behind me. Then he calls me back in there and starts yelling saying that I need to redo it because it's not right. He's constanly nitpicking everything I do. Then I start crying and he acts like he doesn't have any clue what's wrong with me. And he never lets me voice my opinion. Even when I'm right about something he tells me that I should listen to him because he's the parent. He's also said before that it doesn't matter what my mom  says because he's the boss.  I just can't wait till' college so I don't have to deal with him. I know that's really bad to say, but you just don't know my dad. It's really frustrating sometimes. What's even worse is that when my mom, sister, and I are at church he's at home watching TV on the couch. I just don't know what to do anymore. I just really don't know.


April 12 2007
i am so sorry!! it used to be that way for me....but be happy that you have a dad.... my dad left. I can't say i know just how you feel, but i went through the same thing :( I am praying for you!!

I'm anti-human

April 12 2007
Oh, Megan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's ok. My dad has a huge temper and yells at us over small things....he makes Kalya cry a lot. I usualy just stand and take it when he's yelling at me, but then i stay up late and cry in bed.

At the Crossroads of Life

April 12 2007
My dad's got a temper sometimes. Especially when he doesn't feel good. He always yells and makes my little brother cry, I'm like keri... I cry before I go to bed. You're not the only one. I hope it gets better for you.