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April 11 2007

So today was an acutally OK today considering it rained. I don't like rain. It makes my hair crazy. I mean really crazy. #:( ( My afroish hair.) Nothing really exciting happened today at lunch or school. I guess everyone felt bad because it was an icky day. I had fun tonight at dance. We learned new parts. It will be really cool looking if I can get it down. I can't wait till' recital. All of  yall have to come and see me. I would be really happy. I got my new dance t-shirt tonight. It's really cute. It's blue with Vibe and the little guy on everything in pink. I'm going to wear it tomorrow. Do we have a color? Oh well.  Well I got to go so see ya tomorrow.

♥ eyes...♥

April 11 2007
i think the color scheming is dead...we don't have a color