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April 10 2007

I helped my sister with her science project. We bought one of those styrofoam planet kit things. We had to paint them because we couldn't find any pre-painted ones. Oh well...painting is fun. Carmen was really funny today. She was drinking a yorgut thing and it said shake before using so she was shaking her whole body. She made up the name Convulsion Carmen. Epileptic Eve. There wasn't anything else really that funny or exciting today.

Have you ever wondered if people talk to you because they feel bad for you or if they really do like you. Mainly popular people. Just wondering. It's just some times I feel like a charity case. Oh well I have my real friends and they don't. That's all that matters.

♥ eyes...♥

April 11 2007
yeah you have lots of great friends and WE ALL LOVE YOU

I'm anti-human

April 11 2007
LUV YA, SEXY MEG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehehehohohohohohohahahahahahaha...............................he