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April 06 2007

Good morning world!!! So today we are having a boring yard sale. When we got to my aunt's house this morning at six I was like super hyper. I'm not even that hyper when I go to school at like seven thirty in the morning. So today I have a cheerleading clinic at Vibe. I'm really excited. Not making cheerleading either years has really bummed me out. It's really hard cheering for six years and then just having to sit there and watch my sister cheer. It's just not fair. :( Oh, well. So today's clinic is from five to seven and tomorrow's is from nine to eleven. I'm really bored right now. Nobody's up right now at this time in the morning so I have nobody to talk to. Except my sister is talking to her best friend Abby. They are arguing over why someone didn't get added to their buddy list on Webkinz. Well got to go do something usefull with my life. See you guys later.

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April 06 2007
hey...i'm sure you'll make it!