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April 04 2007

This is a blog all about my family, friends, and life. As you can see from the title my life is chaos. But I like it that way because it just seems normal and I wouldn't trade in anything to have a slow paced life. At dance tonight we learned like five new eight counts in like the last five minuted of class. It was CRAZY!!! It was so fast, I could hardly keep up. I'm just going to have to pracitice like crazy until recital in like two months. I'm so excited about reciatal. Our costumes are so cute. Although I really don't like our dance shoes. They are way to slick. My mom's making me try out for cheerleading. I love cheerleading, but I know I want make it. There is only four slots for freshamans. It's also all year instead of basketball season cheerleaders and football season cheerleaders. So if I ever possibly made it, it would take over my whole life. I like cheerleading, but I don't want to give certain things up. Also camp in KNOXVILLE is one day away before I leave for Australia. I would get back really late that nightn and get like two hours of sleep before I had to get to the airport. Oh yeah did I mention that I'm going to Australia to be an ambassador. I've always got those People to People letters,and this year I finally applied to go, and got selected to go. I'm so excited. So check back each day to get the low down on my life. Peace. :>

I'm anti-human

April 04 2007
you are the luckyest little lucky lucky thing that was ever fortunate. i wanna go to Australia