my name is Four-eyed Pete.

July 13 2006

So being a really slow day at old time pottery tonight, Mallory and I have decided to become pirates.

Our pirate names are Salty Sally (Mallory), Four-eyed Pete (me), Captain Pink Beard (Mitch, the head cashier), Tipsy Marie: the tavern wench (Tonya), and Drunken Pegleg Schme McGie (Stephanie). Our ships name is the Rusty Russian. Supposedly my job on the ship is to sit in the crows nest and yell "There ain't nothing out there!" all the time. It was really funny...we said "arr" to each other all night.

Being pirates, we had to have a treasure chest. Well, Captain Pink Beard went to McDonalds and got the treasure chest toy, so Salty and I decided we would go get our own. We drove to the McDonalds close to OTP but, alas, they only had the blow up sword. So we drove to the one close to where Salty lives...and they said they had the telescope thing, so we decided to get that one. After waiting in like for like 5 minutes (in the freaking drive through) we get up and ask again, if they had the treasure chest. No, she said they didn't get that in till next week. So we were like "ok, whatevs" and got our happy meal. What was in it? A freaking red bandana. I was pissed. "No, we only have the telescope." Grr. So we're going to find out where Captain got his tomorrow...and go get it.

The end.


Lauren H

July 14 2006
thats interesting....