The World of Warcraft

January 04 2006

Things happen, and you end up with a copy of World of Warcraft, apparently.  I must say, even though I've only just begun, it is rather fun.  One day, I'll be able to join up with everyone else on the server that I know and go do stuff with them...  'Til then, I've got a long road ahead of questing and butt-kicking.

So, in other news, the Christmas "present" from EB (by present, I mean money obtained from workin' my arse off) I got is my new shiny Mario Kart DS.  It's red and has some Mario Kart decals on it, and it's friggin' awesome.  I think I may end up trying to get that new Electroplankon game comin' out next week; it's basically a game that allows for the creation of cool music and stuff.  It was one of the coolest things Nintendo had to show at E3 (much cooler than the GB Micro, to say the least).

Other Christmas l00t includes a LEGO rendition of the Millenium Falcon, Shadow of the Colossus, Guitar Hero, LEGO Star Wars, Trivial Pursuit stuff, d20 Modern stuff, and other stuff.  I thank the friends and family that bothered to get me stuff, 'cause, honestly, I really don't need much...well, the monitor my parents ordered for me as a month-late birthday present is highly appreciated, since doin' stuff on a television and not in high-def sucks unless you're playing Guild Wars, in which case it is okay.

It was most definitely good times having Clint back here.  Guitar Hero madness, DDR insanity, Rivergate Mall wandering, Moe's, Jason's, Panera, whatever it all was we were doin', it was grand to say the least.  If nothing else, he reminded me just how cool it is to play DDR in the arcade.

Speakin' of which, it was quite an experience.  I had someone there that was pretty much equal to me in skill, but superior in stamina compared to me.  Who was this contender?  An Asian kid no more than 10-12 years old.  I must say, he's pretty good; he ended up doing a better job of trying Paranoia Survivor than me, mainly because I was already winded from 2+ hours of previous play.  I also felt good to play Can't Stop Falling in Love Speed Mix on Doubles and pull off a B.  I just wish I could've started playing when I was his age (which, I really couldn't have, since DDR didn't even come out 'til 1998).  There's no telling how good at it I could be now if I did...  o_O

Poor Marissa, she somehow managed to bruise a part of her bum, enough to the point of keeping her sorta-bedridden for now...  *sigh*

Anyways, it's time to go to work.  Take it easy, everyone.  Clint, we've gotta have another day like yesterday.

t3h 3b h4xx0r!

December 14 2005

Yeah, I totally owned them all with my mad discount-stacking skills.  I got over $300 worth of Game Boy/PS2/GC games for about $150.  It made me happy.  Especially since now I just have to go in search of the old Game Boy games I want to get, since I have nearly all the GBA games I could ever want to play.  I'll haveta get another copy of Zelda: Four Swords and FFTA and a link cable, so Marissa and I could do some mad linkage.

And, my god, Animal Crossing is one of the most addictive games ever.

And Devil May Cry 3 can still own me any day of the week.

I have only one final left, and, of course, it's the toughest one I'll ever have taken thus far; well, either that, or one of the most important ones to take, since this will either make or break my grade in there, quite literally.  Lessee here...  700 points possible for the class, and 200 of them are invested in the final.  Out of the 500 I've been graded on, I probably got a measly 300-350-ish.  Well, maybe closer to 375, but yeah, not doing 2 25-point assignments will hurt the grade.  So, if I were to make 500 points for the class...  That'd get me a C.  ...Damn, I guess studying will be much recommended...  Especially since this is one of those pre-requisite-classes-for-another-class type of class...  A required class for the class I'm taking next semester...  Crap.  Must get a C or better, or else I get to retake it next semester and limit my work schedule.

Alright, time to get to studying.

Investmental Return

December 10 2005

w00t for getting some more cash off of my textbooks!  All the more to play with as I attempt to totally take advantage of my employee discount tomorrow...  Mwa ha ha ha ha!  I will have all the Game Boy Advance games I could ever desire, including Final Fantasy Dawn of Souls, Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga, Super Mario 3, Fire Emblem 1 & 2, Metroid Fusion and Zero Mission, and perhaps a few more on top of that.  Either that, or I could forget about getting so many and grab my own GBA instead of being stuck with the GB Player on the 'Cube.  So many possibilities...  Why, heck, I could actually bother to get a DS...

...And how 'bout the usage of the FFXI soundtrack with Guild Wars?  An amusing idea to say at the least.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear of someone else hearing of Custer's Last Stand for the Atari the other day.  Marissa's friend Caitlin is really cool.

Anywho, I must take my leave and get ready to join Funki and Marissa in some mad mad mad mad mad mad mad questing.

Any who wish to join us on Guild Wars is more than welcome.  I started my own guild, and we have kick-ass capes!

A New Worldwide Holiday Created!

November 27 2005

A reenactment of events that occurred not too long ago...

Soul Calibur 3: "HAHA, you cannot defeat my Chronicles of the Sword mode!"
Me: "Yes I can!"
*fighting occurs; I get whooped for the 20th time today*
Me: "Or maybe I can't because I suck.  Forget you game, I have a girlfriend!"
*gets done with game...girlfriend goes to grocery store right before he gets finished with game and doesn't tell me she's leaving so I could accompany her*
Me: "Well, damn, I'll just play something else, like Guild Wars!"
Guild Wars: "HAHA! My Frost Gate mission is t3h 5uxx0rz! u r n0t t3h l33t!"
Me: "Lies!"
*I start the mission and fail miserably*
Me: "Well, damn...  Apparently I cannot play video games anymore to save my life...  At least I have friends that care!"
*I get on Phusebox, only to find zero feedback from people*
Me: "Well...that's about as pwned as UT getting pwned by Vanderbilt..."

Thus, I, Christopher L. Davis, do hereby officially label today, November 27, the Worldwide Everyone-and-Everything-Must-Hate-Or-Attempt-To-Destroy Chris Davis Day.  Okay, the name's a little long, I know...I'll work on it later.

Yeah, definitely beginning to feel a little fat/lazy/slothlike.  It doesn't help any that Marissa has kinda lost interest in doing such things.  So, on December 9, I shall go out and get EyeToy: Kinetic.  Because a game that trains you to physically kick ass is quite, well, kick ass.  I mean, it's bad when I get more sleep than usual, only to find myself desiring more sleep.

...I want to get up, get out, and start training to pwn everyone.  Well, pwn anyone that stands in the way of good and righteousness, anyways...  But, sitting around and playing Soul Calibur 3 and Windwaker ain't gonna do much.

*sigh*  So, what am I gonna do now, while I wait for Marissa to get back from the grocery store (an expedition that always takes entirely too long when her mother's involved)?

...I'm going to hope that I can still win a game of Solitaire.

EDIT: Yes, you guessed it!  Apparently, I can't even play a game of Solitaire anymore.

Where have all the good games gone...?

November 26 2005

Hah.  360.  Hah.  Worst console ever.  It's apparently so bad that even the developers don't care to program properly for it.  I've learned from a customer today that Madden '06 for the Xbox 360 is not only terrible, but also quite bugged.  That's just friggin' awesome.  More evidence that the 360 ain't worth the time of day.  I like it.  Eat it in the anus, Microsoft.  Especially since the one game I thought I might want to play from you guys is horridly overpriced for being on PC versus XBox...  Honestly now, Fable: The Lost Chapters should be $20 on PC if it's gonna be $20 on XBox, not $50.  You're fired.  I'm not buying it 'til it's $20.  'Til then, I'll be buying other stuff...

The day after Thanksgiving...  It actually would've been a really good day except the timeframe I had to work.  Since I got stuck showin' up for work at 6:00am and had to work 'til 2:30pm.  The time I had to work really was the only bad thing about it all.  It was super busy, but actually a pleasantly active workday.  Waltzin' around trying to sell people everything...  It was almost as though I were p-leveling in salesmanship.  And, hey, we all know that p-leveling is always good.  So, anyways, our store ended up being one of the top 50 EB stores in the nation for sales.  Oh, yeah, we know what we doing.  "Take off every Zig.  For great justice."

Marissa felt really bad about ignoring me over the phone for half an hour, me thinking that she was still in the bathroom.  I was more just sitting there thinkin' "Dear goodness, is she trying to pass a large cannonball through her bowels...?  Is she alright?"  Yeah, she was perfectly fine; she just thought she told me bye on the phone when in actuality she told she'd be back after going to the bathroom.  So, because of her guilt, she felt irresistably compelled to buy me something...  We're now the proud owners of a Game Boy Player, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World, and Zelda: The Minish Cap.  We would've gotten Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 if they had it in pre-played, but they didn't... *sadness*  I highly recommended the aforementioned games for the GBA.

Y'know, honestly, between all the Game Boys, there have been so many good games...  Super Mario Land 1-3, Metroid Fusion, Metroid Zero Mission, Mario and Luigi, FFTA, Minish Cap, anything Kirby-related, especially Kirby Pinball Land, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, Golden Sun, and now Donkey Kong Country stuff...  That's only 'bout half the stuff I remember...  Honestly, the Game Boy has always been consistently a great system, with the GB Micro being the sole mistake on Nintendo's end with the Game Boy; yeah, if the Micro actually supported the original Game Boy/Game Boy Color games and didn't require a dumb adapter for multiplayer games, it really would be a better seller.  Let's face it, you can redesign a system only once and have it be widely successful; the NES, the SNES, the PS1, the PS2, and from GBA to GBA SP...  The redesigns were all well-done and well-implemented, and they only went through the redesign phase once.  Something to think about...

Oh, and why is Soul Calibur 3 now my most favorite game ever?  Because the hidden Type-X Armor Set for females lets you create the one and only KOS-MOS from Xenosaga.  When I unlocked it, it made me so happy.  It'd be the best game ever if equipping all the pieces on someone enabled her to have the KOS-MOS voiceset.  *KOS-MOS beats Kilik* "My external appearance is down 5%.  Shion, I need to be cleaned."  Ah, yes, that would be awesome.

Anyways, time to go unlock stuff in the super-awesome Mario Party 7.  Take it easy, everyone.

Thanks...for nothing, Microsoft!

November 23 2005

And, so, the XBox 360 was released to the general public and video gaming as we know it no longer exists.  And how does this end of good games go?  With resounding approval, high demand, and a ridiculously huge amount of hype.

Y'know what, Microsoft?  Screw you.  You have no need to be in the arena of games.  Stick to what you do best and work on OS's and Office programs.  Maybe if you weren't so damn focused on the 360 you could actually make a better Windows, one that could get approval of all users, Mac and Linux people especially.

But what do you people do?  Attempt to enter the realm of console gaming and appeal to people that normally don't play video games.  Do you know why appealing to them is bad?  Because you then get people playing games that they don't even realize are horrible; you can get away with making/releasing cut-and-paste-and-dry first person shooters that do basically nothing different than other first person shooters.  And so, you go on to release a whole bunch of crappy games, many of which are already out on other consoles, and attempt to make things look better.  Well, they look better, but y'know what?  Things are still better looking on the PC than the 360.

You may have Rare and you may have Tecmo.  But, y'know what?  I don't give a rat's patooty.  Have your DOA 4 360-exclusiveness.  Have your Perfect Dark Zero and Kameo.  I don't care.  Y'know why?  'Cause hyping about damn graphics gets you nowhere with me.  I'm going to just keep playing my Gamecube and PS2 (and eventually DS) and be perfectly happy because all of the systems previously mentioned have good games, like Final Fantasy, Mario-nigh-anything (Nintendo really does put a fair amount of effort into each of the Mario spin-off games; they just need to make an outright Mario game again), Shadow of the Colossus, Tales of Symphonia, Katamari Damacy, Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, Castlevania, not to mention the countless no-news-but-awesome games that are on PS1 and PS2, like Vagrant Story.

Yes, I still play PS1 games.  Like a champ.  I still desire to play SNES games, as well as a few Game Boy games and Genesis games.  'Cause they were really good games.

What do you have to offer, Xbox 360?  Nuthin'.  A big whompin' load of crap.  I can see right through you, you big retardedly-successful marketing ploy.  You truly are the world's biggest scam now.

I can hope that you'll flop all I want.  Unfortunately, I know it won't happen, definitely not anytime soon.  Because people are dumb, and you find ways of exploiting that weakness like a champ.

So, here's the lowdown: 360, you can go to heck.  'Cause I'll be getting a PS3 (which is gonna be infinitely more gorgeous than you, Mr. 360) and a Revolution ('cause it's going to open a whole new level of gaming that couldn't even be imagined until now).  And everyone I tell outside of my job...I'll tell them that you are the worst console ever (I'd rather have a Virtual Boy than you), and that they should just wait it out for the PS3 and Revolution.

...Okay, I'm done now.

So, yeah.  If you truly value gaming, don't get a 360.  Get a PS3 or Revolution or both.  Let's get to work on trying to get Microsoft to leave the realm of gaming altogether.


November 21 2005

Yeah...  I really wish people would actually pay attention to what I say/use my knowledge/totally not ignore me...

*at work*
Me: "Hey, how ya doin'?"
Random customer in store: "Oh, I don't need anything, thanks."
(...I asked how you were doing, not if you needed help.  Pfffh.)

*at work, #2*
Random customer: (talking to child) "Let's see if we can find the Playstation One games."
Me: (after greeting customer) "What can I help you find?"
R.C.: "Ah, nuthin', I'm good."
(...Like, WTF, mates?)

*at work, #3*
Me: (after greeting customer) "Do you have any questions about anything?"
Random customer: "No, I'm just looking..."
Me: "Alright, well if you--"
R.C.: "When/what/do you have..."
(I just asked if you had a question and you said no...and interrupted me with a question.  Ghah.)

*at work, #4*
Me: (after greeting "guest") "Do you have any questions about anything?"
Random Woman: "I'm a girl."
(First off, from a non-contextual standpoint, what in the hell kind of response is that?  When asked whether you want cake or pie, you don't reply with green beans!  And secondly, that's just bad stereotyping.  Needless to say, I didn't like her much.  ...stupid friggin' %$#&%...)

*at work, #5*
Me: "Hi, how are you doing today?"
*Random customer totally doesn't hear me and continues to walk away from me.*
*I retaliate by not bothering to follow customer.*
(...You deaf/too focused/too busy to care?  Okay.  Jerk.)

...It also doesn't help that our manager has contacted everyone about their Xbox 360 and that we'll call them when they come in.  Yet, somehow, these people can't keep that in mind and continually ask.  Ghah.  Stupidheads.

...I don't ask for much.  I want to help people.  But, quite frankly, I can't help you if you're stupid.  If you're too stupid to realize I'm trying to help you, then that's your own fault. 

Like today, I was running a little late to school, and got backed up into traffic.  We were at a standstill-going-to-green situation with a sideroad with lots of people wanting to turn right.  I signalled at least 2 or 3 times to move, stopped and waited mind you, but the driver did absolutely nothing.  So, knowing that there's lots of traffic behind me, I just move on...  And, somehow, this person manages to recognize the guy behind signalling the driver to go.  ...What the hell?  I felt really ignored/irritated.  I reiterate, if you're too stupid to realize I'm trying to help you, then that's your own fault.

So, y'know, maybe I'll just quit helping people.  It doesn't seem to do anyone any good anymore.  I want to help, but if one doesn't acknowledge it or pushes it aside, I guess it really doesn't matter.  ...I quit...

...I guess I'm skipping class today since it's already started.  Whoops.  Oh darn.  I was kinda considering doing it anyway, but now that it's started and I'm not there, I won't bother with it.

I guess I'll go to the KUC.  Take it easy, everyone.

P.S. A trip is in order.  I've been stuck here doin' nuthin' for entirely too long; it's about time to go somewhere and do something.

Dun dun duuuunnn!!

November 17 2005

"It's about that time, eh?"  "...Right-o."

My last "real" speech for speech class.  In about two and a half hours.  Prepared?  NO!...err, oh, wait, what's outline, visual aids, and notecards...  Hey, I did something not literally at the last minute...  I bet that surprised ya, huh?

Anyway, yeah, that dumb computer science program...  One line of code I needed was missing.  Just one...  All it takes is one little thing to screw up the whole she-bang.  And I got a 75 on that one I totally foobarred by doing the wrong one initially.

So, life ain't too bad at the moment.  Especially since I'll more than likely be getting a few more hours at work a week for the holidays.  Like 20 a week.  Actually, a little more like 22.5 hours.  And all I have to do is help people find their stuff and get things picked out.  w00t.

Anyways, time to move on to other things, like making sure my classes I want to take next semester aren't already filled.

Take it easy, everyone.

...If I have time, I'll post an amusing picture later.

Computer Science Sucks, and Here's Why...

November 15 2005

So, I'm supposed to be writing another program that's due tomorrow at around noon, a little after at 12:40.  I've gone through it in my mind again and again and again...

...And I don't know why my program likes to randomly decide to shut down before the end of the program.  There's no error, it compiles fine (meaning the code is in valid programming language, the dots and dashes all where they need to be)...  I enter in the numbers that it's supposed to find the biggest number that'll divide evenly into the two numbers, and it just ends.  And, looking at the code first hand, it can't.  There's no explanation for it.  It just can't end like that...  If it were only due Monday and not tomorrow, I'd be okay and I could figure it out...

But, y'know, I just don't feel like thinking about it.  And so, I'm sitting here and typing while listening to Coldplay's song The Scientist.  Nobody said it was easy, indeed...  Grr...dumb programming.

It'll be okay.  'Cause I'll work on it later, realize I made some dumb mistake, and then I shall rock it like a hurricane, as the Scorpions have done before me.  *suddenly has a desire to watch Aqua Teen Hunger Force*

...This program is easy enough.  I know the method of solving the problem is right; heck, I stood in a group study room at the MTSU library with a markerboard, marker in hand, and went through it, step by step.  There's just something wrong in the way I'm doing it in this stupid, nigh-useless language.

...To put it in terms normal people may understand, it's like an American telling a French foreign exchange student that barely knows English to break a leg.  The exchange boy doesn't quite get this misintepreted message of good luck, and so takes a bit of confusion and fear towards the American.  Not exactly like that, but it's a parallel problem.

*sigh*  ...So, how 'bout that Chemistry major?  Anybody a Chem. major and thought it was good?  Or any other major for that matter...  Anything other than computer science...

So, I'm just gonna forget I have this program to do 'til about midnight or so.  In the meantime, I'll go to class, then go play some Guild Wars while Marissa gets a paper done.  Guild Wars: guaranteed to make you feel better.  *cues the thumbs-up*

Oh, any good video games that aren't completely new but are for PS1, PS2, or GC that I should know about?  I'm trying to get together a shopping list of random stuff to take advantage of EB/Gamestop/Barnes And Noble special employee appreciation weekend...  A larger discount than usual...  Tee hee hee...  Thus, I'm trying to find some slightly older games pre-played to get.  So far on the list...

**Devil May Cry 3 (I figure I could give it a second chance now that it's cheap.  Maybe.)
**Beyond Good and Evil (I heard it's good, and I know it's dirt cheap if we have it.)
**F-Zero GX (I might as well get it; high-speed DEATH!!)
**Ratchet: Deadlocked (I know it's a new game, but it is only $34.99 preplayed before the discounts.)
**Animal Crossing (I'd buy new simply so I could get the free 59-block memory card with it; I also heard this was good, and $20 before discounts, meaning half the cost goes towards the memory card!)
**Random PC Games (We're supposed to get a whole bunch more of the pre-played stuff that's left from another store; buy 3, get 2 free!!!)
**N64 with Episode 1 racer? (I figure I could get one of these while they're cheap, although I don't think I get the discount on the system...oh well.  It's not like the system's expensive; I'd just have a hard time finding other stuff I wanted, like Zelda, Mario stuff, etc.)

I dunno.  Any ideas would be great.

Anyways, you all take it easy, I'm off to class.

...Y'know, I'll do the world a favor and just fire myself right now...

November 14 2005

...Why do I wish to fire myself?  Well, quite honestly, I did the completely wrong open lab assignment for my assembly language class, turned it in, got a 40 out of a 100 (I don't know how that happens), and can e-mail the correct assignment to my teacher tomorrow for a hit in points.  So, what is someone like me to do?

...Procrastinate.  And make a random post.  Tee hee.  Like there was any other option.

Yeah, I've decided that there plain isn't enough time in the day to spend time with all of my friends in a day's worth of time.  It was good to be with some old Riverdale friends today, but, y'know, I also desired to hang out with Graham/Amy/Anna and peeps today, too, not to mention my long-time friend who's currently out of college due to lack of funding and caring, and Clint.  Can't forget Clint.

I was gonna go to the Rec Center today and run on the treadmill a good bit, as well as have a relaxing swim afterwards, but, y'know, it's nigh-impossible to program while running.  Reading is do-able, but it's difficult to keep logical thought and plan out these programs I have to do while running and maintaining speed and wiping sweat from my face...  Not to mention that it's plain impossible to combine swimming and programming.  Computers and chlorinated water...  Yeah, they get along 'bout as well as a Nazi and a Jew during World War II.

Anyways...  Yeah...  Procrastination...  I think I'm done with it for now.  Unfortunately, programs don't make themselves...

...I need a new major.  One that doesn't suck.

*gasp* Could it be?

November 10 2005

Why, yes, it is so!  Chris Davis has finally realized two months too late that nearly everyone he knew abandoned Xanga for Phusebox, and as such, joined on here!  Oh nos!

Err, anyway, I have yet to get the profile pic business done, mainly 'cause I figure it's about time to get a different picture of me than one with me in the tux looking confused as heck, so I'll just wait 'til I can borrow my sister's camera or something.

So, yeah, I'll be nice and posting doubly-so, both on here and Xanga, I mean.

With that said, here's the main post for today...  (I apologize for the lame copy-and-paste stuff, but I imagine you'll live.)

"Yeah, I take a quick look at Clint's Xanga that says that he feels he should be updating it more often...a post from two months ago.  I chuckle to myself, then realize...damn, I haven't updated in about a month.

So I'm updating my Xanga.  For once.

Life's been rather...odd lately.  Or, more rather, I've been rather odd lately.  Odd feeling, perhaps, but overall odd.

Why is that?  Well, I suppose I could be honest.  I fear I have fallen victim to some form of depression, much more than I feared in the past.  And because of this, I may perhaps be falling into the clutches of ADHD.  w00t and stuff.

'Cause, honestly, I almost feel worse in certain ways this semester than I did a year ago.  Why is that, I couldn't tell you.  I honestly don't know.  I suppose at least then I had something to "blame" it on, y'know, the whole lack-of-Marissa thing.  But, even with Marissa here, it hasn't really helped...  And I figure that if everything appears to be going my way on the surface and I still feel horridly down, then something's wrong.

But who knows...  I sure as heck wish I knew what in the world's wrong with me.

...Something's gone from me that seemed to be with me in the past.

...I kinda wish I could just disappear from the "world" for a week or two to spend all to myself to attempt to think about things/relax/get away from computer science stuff.

Oh, yeah, random tidbit.  I've come to the conclusion that the Chemistry department likes me much more than the Computer Science department here at MTSU.  Awhile back, there were invitations sent out to most of the computer science majors to be a part of the student advisory board for the department.  All but two or three of my class got them; I didn't.  On the other hand, I was one of three to be invited to partake in being a General Chemistry Student Lab Instructor out of my honors Chemistry class.  Maybe it's a sign I should just get out of Computer Science while I can, since it's the department that really doesn't like me much...  I could switch into Chemistry...  And learn how to make stuff from nothing, y'know, MacGayver-style.  I could see it now...  "Behold, as I take this rubberband, toothpick, and cow spit and create the world's smallest cold fusion reactor!"

...Okay, maybe not quite like that.  But I may be able to find a better fuel.  Or something.

...All I know is that computer science is becoming a little tiring.  It's just becoming boring for me.  I just want to know the syntax for everything and what it does and just go with it.  I can figure out how to put together lines of code on my own time...  So, yeah, I could end up switchin' majors altogether...

...I could even end up switching schools altogether and go for a Japanese major.  Don't expect it to happen, though, since my parents are really likin' this whole spend-about-$1000-a-semester business and going elsewhere, just in living costs alone, is over $1000 a semester.

Anyways, I guess I'll let you all move on with your lives.  It was a jolly good time seein' Graham, Amy, and Anna today.  Catch you all later."