...Well, now what?

May 22 2006

...2.945.  2.945.  That is the GPA I now have.  Dropped ever so slightly below the line...  Thus, the question, "Now what?"

My parents aren't gonna pay the $1500 the HOPE gave me before.  And if I don't go back to college, they'll more than likely kick me outta the house.  But, I don't exactly have $1500 to go to college, so yeah.  Don't expect to see me back at MTSU.  'Cause, damn, I don't wanna have student loans to pay off.  I'm gonna end up havin' to help pay off Marissa's as it is.

So, it looks like I'm gonna haveta find a new job/another job to ensure that I have enough money to live on my own.  I may also haveta find some other friends in need of a place to stay, so we can tackle rent no problem.

Will this mean that I'm gonna be a college drop-out?  Probably.  Do I care?  Not really.

...Maybe it'll be good to move out.  Heh, I may end up with feasible space to put all of my game systems and stuff...  I can not haveta worry about school and work combining forces to bog me down and make me want to commit suicide (And, yes, that kind of feeling has happened before).  I can work, play games, be with Marissa, and develop myself...figure out the kind of person I want to be, not worrying about whether or not I did last night's homework.

...This's my story, and it's time I figure out the plot.


May 22 2006
sometimes it is a good thing that this happens, for people who really aren't sure what they want to do. it helps them realize that they do need a college diploma and when they earn enough money to come back, the attack it head on, knowing exactly what they want to do. Good luck.


May 23 2006
Hm. I'm coming to town, in two weeks.