Some particulars I'd like to try to work with...

March 28 2006

...So, now that I have this idea for this establishment...  It's time to kinda write out the overall points/aspirations of this place:

***The Shop***
-New and used video games will be sold and traded; price-matching (on both selling and buying) will be accepted, so long as you have proof of some sort.  All games and systems of all sorts will be accepted, so long as they prove to be in good, working order.
-Video Game paraphenalia, such as t-shirts, action figures, posters, any kind of collectible item involving video games will also be sold here.  Trading and bartering of said goods is also welcome.
-If we have a used copy of a game you're lookin' for, you can try it out at the store for a short while.
-At least 10% of all profit from the shop will go to a different charity each month.

***The Arcade***
-Several of the newest and/or best arcade machines around will be featured.
-Many ticket-giving games will be featured; "real" prizes (i.e., good toys, discounts at the store or cafe, etc.), more tokens, or giving to a charity of your choice with each ticket having a certain amount for the store to donate as choices for ticket redemption.
-At least 10% of all profits will go to a different charity each month.

***The Cafe***
-Reasonably-priced food and drink available, and definitely not just soda.
-The cafe will have wi-fi support for Nintendo DS, PSP, laptops, and other machines implementing wireless internet usage, usage that'll most definitely be free.
-At least 10% of all profits will go to a different charity each month.

***The Events***
-Tournaments of all sorts will be held; sponsors are welcome to support.  Prizes will be given based on the amount of people signing up; much of the entry fees will go to the charity of the month.
-Video game talent contests will be held: show us the most impressive thing you can do in a video game!  Again, much of entry will go to the charity of the month.
-Visitation of St. Judes: help bring fun and good times to the children of St. Judes!

***The Name***
...I really don't know yet, to be honest.  I'm definitely open for suggestions in this department.

Any comments or suggestions will be greatly considered and appreciated; this post will be updated as suggestions/different ideas come up.