Heroes and Villains...

February 13 2006

A random tangental thought process went through my head today.  Heroes and villains seem to be very detached from society in that they typically don't partake in many, if any, of the typical things those in society partake in.  Not to mention that many cases, their only reason to live is to help or hinder others...most cases, they really don't care what happens to them, so long as they do what want, whether it's help or hinder.

There's a lot more that goes into that thought process; I don't have what I wrote out on paper near me at the moment.  Oh well.

Anyways, thought I'd get the point across that I'm not dead, just not typically making posts...  I'll probably go into more detail about that whole business later on.  In the meantime, take it easy.


February 17 2006
You're going to go to Green Hills ASAP. You will thank me later, after you've played SUPER FREAKIN' NOVA.