Because everyone's doin' it...

February 08 2006

Introduce yourself in one bold, honest paragraph:
My name is Chris Davis, a name that's entirely too used, to say the least.  I'm 20 years old, and am in my second year of college.  My major?  Hell if I know at this point.  My goal in life?  See my previous answer.  My pant size is 34x32.  My t-shirt size is a large.  I'm 5'9.5" in height and currently weigh about 190 pounds (mmm, thickness!).  My shoe size is 11.  My GPA's about 3.27, I think.  I play video games, especially enjoying Dance Dance Revolution and World of Warcraft, not to mention the "old school" stuff.  I constantly deal with the internal issue of finding my place in life and do what I can to help others that come to me.  I'm probably by all means one that should be diagnosed with clinical depression, but I always do what I can to keep it from showing, since I've been told that depression "spreads" much more easily than happiness, and, speaking from personal experience, I don't want anyone to suffer alongside me.

Tell me what people think about you.
What do they think of me?  What am I, a mind reader?!  Golly...  If I were a mind reader, I probably would have a much more interesting life, to say the least! 

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
My lack of initiative.

Have you ever felt at home with someone?
Yes.  Marissa.  99.9999% chance of being married.  Need I say more?

Describe your appearance.
...Hey, I already this this, except say that my hair's brown and my eyes can change from blue to gray to even slightly green.  So, nyah.

Biggest revelation to date?
Two of them.  One, a recently-acquired one, is that basically, white middle class people seek to rule the world, very generally speaking; this has been based off everything presented to me in my US History class thus far.  Two, industrialism is very much a double-edged sword, for while it may bring economic power, it also brings with it a sense of hopelessness and boredom with life, not to mention that, at least in the US, it's a large factor in fueling racism.

Biggest issue weighing you down?
A lot of things, but mainly purpose.

Theme song?
...There are entirely too many pieces of music that I could all equally consider to be my theme song.  But, overall, I'd probably haveta say the piece called "You're Not Alone" from Final Fantasy 9; on the soundtrack, it's on the 4th disc, track 9, and in the game, it plays when Zidane goes crazy in Pandemonium.  This piece has really touched me, oddly enough; at times, it brings my depression to the surface, and others, it brings out the determination deeply hidden within.

Give me some final parting advice.
I may not know the answers to the universe, or how to live the kind of life that gets you into heaven, and I consider myself far from being wise, but I have a deep feeling that having love in your life is vital to having a good and enjoyable life and that a little love can go a long way.


February 08 2006
Bull. Your theme is NIGHT OF FI-AH!