things are ok

July 30 2005
She said yes,

We can are going to dinner sometime, i just have to pick a date and time..a.k.a wait tell tomorrow to see when or if im off next week. I asked her if she was seeing or talking to anyone..she said not at all. I haven't been that happy since last time i was at school. Well, i have to bathe and whatnot before work. I bless you all with a superbly spectacular evening, and may the joys of life be many on such a great day as today.

i work 6-9,
mie naem

Lauren Beasley

July 30 2005

Mallory Gambill

July 30 2005

cailsey anthony

July 30 2005
aww im glad things worked out!

LiKe YoOh NeEd tO kNoW?!?!?!?!?!?!

July 31 2005
Well I'm sorry.......I'm getting pictures developed okay??? When they get done I will put them all up 4 you okay???? lol

Ben Smith

July 31 2005
hey cracka. i'm here at gin's house, and she's forcing me to do this phusebox shit...who knows whether or not i will ACTUALLY keep up with it. anyway, how's your summer been? here's to the painstaking 15 days we have left of summer. quite a drag, my friend. looking forward to spending another 180 days in hell's half acre? i'm not. later man. -bEn


August 01 2005
you heard me dork

Erin Caudillo

August 01 2005


August 02 2005
and who are you again??