Is the Nation safer post 9-11 ???

October 08 2006

Is the Nation safer post 9-11 ??? Also should we be fighting over in Iraq losing men and women everyday ???


October 08 2006


October 10 2006
I don't know that I can say yes, or no. I don't have the "big picture". There is much that I don't understand and don't see happening. My view is limited. As with most of us. However, my dad is involved in the military and there are many good things happening over there that the media intentionaly avoid telling us. We are building many schools, hospitals, orphanages and helping many, many people. There are many who appreciate our help. There is a high price to pay for freedom. We have had to pay it in the past and we have to pay to keep our freedom now. Compared to other wars our losses are at a minimum. I say that carefully, Every one who has died for my freedom is valuable and will be missed by a family. My husband left me and my baby girl to fight in the first Gulf War. I thought I would never see him again. I know the pain and fear times of war can bring. At the time the decision was made to go to war. Saddam had broken 13 of the resolutions promised back in the end of the 1st Gulf War. All 15 of our Intelligence Agencies believed Saddam had Weapons of Mass Desctruction. I don't want to be quick to judge. I am not in position to say weither or not we should still be over there. I do know it is my responsibility to pray for the leaders of our country. I pray that God will give them wisdom in their decisions, protection from the enemy, and guidance in leading this nation.


November 03 2006
I went to Hawaii my freshman year... It was amazing... Everything you see looks like a postcard.

Andrew ?

November 03 2006
what is up? Andrew