January 11 2006

Ya'll ready for Baseball season to begin ?

I know I am !

Countdown to baseball season

Middle Tennessee State University Baseball

  43 Days !!!!

Atlanta Braves 

Atlanta Braves Spring Training

 48 Days !!!!

isn't that a sad cougar costume ?

Middle Tennessee Christian School Baseball

: 61 Days !!!

who cares! This is report card day !!! Heck yea Im doing amazing !

Atlanta Braves 

Atlanta Braves Baseball

: 81 days !!!! Bring it Dodgers !

Baseball Rules Baby !!!!


Elisabeth Barber

January 13 2006
definately so! i lovelovelove baseball. fav sport<33 cant wait!! :) i love you drew!

Michelle Waddell

January 13 2006
hah, just there with my boy.. i'm not sure thats "legal" but aye.. no one said anything.. Sabirs class was awesome! hah, have a great day, <3


January 16 2006
Hey there! THanks for the add! Baseball rocks my socks! Can't wait for it to start! lol.. =D Go Braves! *Cassie