The end of High School

March 21 2006

Well, it' salmost that time.  Sure, it's only March, but next week is Spring Break!!!! (Yay for Florida!!), the its the Washington trip, then prom and no more school.  O and I almost 18th birthday!  I'm really excited about that!, the only drawback is that I will have to be a responsible much for that!  Then it's off to college!

So I'm actually looking forward to this Washington trip, much more than I expected.  I know that I will have a fun time with my friends on bus 4!

:-( this sucks

November 19 2005

I don't mean to be a downer, but right now I feel like the walls are slowly closing in on me.  MTSU is totally freaking me out right now, my prof is just like Mrs. Ledoux, he tests topics he doesn't teach! it really frustrates me.  Then nothing else is working either.  I hope this year is not wasted. 

Swim team. I don't even want to talk about it.  I mean we were going to be good, even great maybe, but since nobody is comming to practice...yea I don't want to talk about it.

forgotten websites

September 25 2005
So I've kinda been neglecting my phusebox, but maybe I'll start up agian. Well, this weekend was absolutly amazing, excluding the band practice. Friday was sort of stressful, with two life or death tests. After that swimming was super fun! It was really short for one thing, and at the end was so much fun! We did relays for like 30 min. and then we got to go home! Yay for movie night at my place!
Let's just say that there were way alot of people at my house, but I love my friends and they are totally awesome!


August 22 2005
So college is fast approaching, and I have no idea where I want to go...I mean, almost any school I apply I could get into, I just have to pick what I want. And that is just the problem...I dont know what I want.

At first I thought that I really wanted to go to UT. I mean it's guarenteed that I would get paid to go there. and plus I can get even more money for being an atheletic trainer there.

Then there is big would be great to go there, but there is the whole tuition thing...but my parents said don't worry about that, but I can't help but say to myself, why go and pay 40,000 a year when I can still get educated for free.

And finally there is Duke...perhaps it is my dream school- if I knew what my dream school was. But it is even more expensive, and plus its out of state. I just don't know.

At first I thought that I wanted a really small school, and then I thought I wanted a really big school, and now I just don't know. I'm so scared. The worst part is I have a spectrum meeting with Mrs. Cain and she is going to ask me about colleges.


August 08 2005
First day of band camp complete..not too much to say 'cept that I'm tired and about to go to bed!

And to answer Garrett's question, I am section leader (duh!) with the lovely Alicia by my side!

Trumpets are...

August 05 2005
Trumpets kick! I was so proud of my my trumpet kids! We put on like 12 sets of drill today and I was really happy! Yaya for band kids!

Senior Pictures!

August 03 2005
So yea... I finally got my senior pictures! YAY!

Man, today was so freaking hot at pre-camp, and tomorrow I'm gonna have to endure with the rest of them.

So good news-I actually talked to Mr. Rhody today, and he was all like "I'm so proud of your section," and "I think the chemistry is really gonna work this year." It was a good moment for me.

This one time at Band Camp...

August 01 2005
Day one of band camp...actually not too bad (although I think I smell bad right now)

No really good stories yet...

The Lake

July 21 2005
I wish I lived on the is so relaxing.


July 20 2005
Whoever thought of the idea of a cassserole was a total genius- and I'm not using the word lightly here... I mean think about it...all the good things that you like all in one dish. Could this be heaven?

My rant about Patterson Park Kids...

July 19 2005
Patterson Park kids suck! Today Hunter (another lifeguard) told a kid to get off the rope, and what did the kid do? The kid goes "Man, get off my nuts!" So we kicked him out. Then I ended up kicking two more out. They are so freakin RUDE!